The Andrew Jose signature ‘Hairtial’ featured in Vogue. Salon Science and Olaplex.

Like its facial skincare counterpart, the Hacial is a targeted treatment to really get the very core of any hair or scalp issues. “Hair changes over time depending on age, weather, and even hormones,” Andrew explains. “It is crucial to address those changes, identify hair concerns, and educate you on how to treat them, If you have great hair now, don’t trust that it will last forever “Focusing on the pores on your scalp and looking closely at the health of the hair shaft, The Hacial uses products that help to replenish and revive hair from the inside out.


Beautiful natural hair extensions

Hair extensions can be a wonderful and safe way to lengthen, volumise and add colour to your hair. We only use the best quality natural hair, specially selected for its colouring, durability and great feel.

During your consultation your hair extentionist will help you choose the most suitable application method and hair to best match your hair colour and texture. We use the best quality hair, a head of which typically costs £250 – £350 and fitting takes three hours and costs £250.


“Andrew Jose transformed my hair with extensions that made me feel like a Hollywood A-lister. The hair was the perfect colour match and people always comment on my beautiful hair – and think it’s natural! I absolutely love what they’ve done and it’s really given me a new lease of life.”


Experts in taming difficult to manage Natural curly hair, Precision Cutting and Great Blow-dry’s. Deep Conditioning Treatments, Relaxers, Contempory Colouring techniques, Partial Extensions, Full head Weaves.




“I was 16-years-old when I first met Andrew, I was a young model and the agency sent me to see him to sort out my mop of messy hair. I had long hair and loved it, growing it took ages so I avoided the hairdresser whenever I could. But Andrew cut it all off and even though I knew it looked good I was really upset. However, that haircut had a huge part in helping my career. I was never going to get on the runway next to Naomi Campbell sporting a Jheri curl!

I’ve come to understand the importance of hair over the years – it’s a statement to others about who you are, and as a society we often judge a person by their hairstyle rightly or wrongly. A good haircut can make you feel like you are on top of the world. Dramatically changing your hair is like making a fresh start and makes you feel like a new person. Once you’ve found a hairdresser you trust it’s a life changer. The relationship is one of the most intimate you have with someone. Trust is absolutely paramount.”

Blow Dry

Blow dry’s that last from night to morning. Styles and styling to suit every occasion Formal, Fashionable or fun for a party or big night out.

Salon Appointments from 7am seven days per week by request appointment. Home and Hotel appointments are available and charged by the hour/part hour away from the salon plus any travel expenses.


Recommended by Vogue and Colour masters. Our colourists lead by Glen Bur and Evelina Lungdren will guide you to individual personalised colour that will be unique to you. Creators of Strobing our unique Balayage service our hair colourists are highly sort after. Skin Tones eye colour and hair type quality and structure are key considerations in guiding you.

The colour products we use are sourced from the best supplier’s and we have a unique Organic range for clients with sensitivities. Skin Tests are recommended and essential for first time clients to colour.



Considering a beautiful head of curls, simply for movement or for long lasting hold and volume? Today’s permanent waving is a far cry from the Kylie and Jason of the 80s.
We begin with the foundation, a great cut, then we perm which takes about two hours. Finally we’ll give you a lesson on how best to take care of your new hair and dry it at home.



There is an emotion in hair, like clothing, it reflects the life of its owner. Whether you favour clean shapes, volume, sharp lines or ‘lived-in-looks’ each are created through techniques using classic layering and disconnection. For an ‘undone’ editorial feel, loose one-length hair with hidden areas cut into the shape. Organic sectioning acts with the natural growth patterns of the hair.




We are unashamedly a unisex salon. Mens hair styling is individual and hand crafted with scissor and comb by experts. Meticulously crafted looks to suit your own personal image whether timeless, classic or fashionable. The basis of a man’s haircut is perfect technique and suitability. Please allow 45-60 minutes for your appointment. We also have a range of specialist mens scalp treatments and styling products.